The term “buff” comes from the Spanish word for scarf: bufanda. Buffs, also known as neck gaiters, neck warmers, bandanas, or tubes, can be used while riding, running, cycling, for gym sessions or wearing it as an elegant fashion accessory.

These multi-purpose headwear pieces are stretchy and provide maximum comfort and protection from sun, wind, cold and dust. This do-it-all piece can be worn in a multitude of ways – as a scarf, a face shield, a headband, a sweatband, a bandanna, or a beanie – the buff’s flexibility is really great here. A buff is indispensable, and you absolutely need one!

Please note: our buffs are not medically tested or approved and are only intended to be used as a preventative aid. The use of a buff does not guarantee the prevention or non-transmission of infections.

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